We live and breathe social. PR is changing, and so are we.

At Two Hands, transforming brands from the inside out is our thing. We value your target markets intelligence and curate share-worthy content to start meaningful conversations that entice and excite consumers.

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11 years of relationships from emerging talent to iconic Australian super-brands allows the team at Two Hands Agency to develop end-to-end strategies for your communications & public relations needs.

People love the publicity we have achieved for them - and we have to admit, we get very excited about what we achieve too!

The world of PR has changed and along with it our ability to think creatively through mainstream media has needed to change, we continue to push editorial boundaries and with the influence social media has on a brands cut-through, we have adapted to become global connectors.

•• Communications Strategy

•• Showroom

•• Press Days

•• Product Placement

•• VIP Liaison

•• Campaign Direction

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We don’t think of social media as being a separate marketing tool, we believe it’s a uniquely tailored and integrated component of a brands overall marketing strategy.

Great content is key to a successful social media strategy. Through our influencer relationships ‘our little black book’, we have created a network of content creators who collaborate with us to create engaging styled content for our clients.

This more relaxed style of content has proven to drive the highest engagement and sales for all of Two Hands Agency’s brands.

Our strategies function across all platforms so your consumer receives a seamless, fully integrated experience.

•• Social Media Strategy

•• Content Creation

•• Influencer Outreach

•• Brand + Product Launches

•• Brand Activations



We like to think of our creative services as a pick ’n’ mix based on your needs.

For a full overview of the services available at Two Hands, contact us at info@twohandsagency.com